eGo Premium Starter Kit

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2x eGo eCig Batteries
2x Clearomiser
2x USB Charger
3x eLiquid
1x Neck Lanyard

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The Vapor Blister Pack Starter Kit

If you’re a person who smokes, you probably think that there’s nothing in the world that can replace the feeling you get when you smoke a cigarette.

The tingly taste of menthol against your tongue, the edgy, prickly sensations that tingle in your nerves, the rebellious notion in your spirit you get from knowing you’re doing something risky with your health – a legal high that makes you feel like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.

eGo 510 Threading Starter Kits

For anyone who’s a real smoker, you know that, although your interpretation of what your senses feel like during a smoke, the description above comes close.

We have entered into a new age where researchers and scientists have done decades of work devoted to the addition that smokers have, and cancer. There are teams of people who diligently seek ways for smokers to find other methods of dealing with their smoking habit.

Some believe that quitting cold turkey doesn’t work. They say that it’s harder to kick a nicotine habit on your own because of the, quote, unquote, “shakes.” It’s not alcohol withdrawal, but there are withdrawal symptoms that are tough to manage, when you take an addictive substance away from a person whose body has had regular doses of it daily for years.

Inventors have come up with products like nicotine patches, and nicotine gum, so that people who want to quit smoking can gradually lower the amount of nicotine in their system until it is completely out of the bloodstream.

Don’t Quit – Vape!

Whether any of that works, or not, is not clear. There is however, a system that is more environmentally friendly, and better for smokers who aren’t trying to quit, than a regular cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is something that smokers can switch to, that gives you the same sensation of a regular cigarette, but without real smoke. This device was invented in China in 2003, and most of the people who have switched to smoking them, say they’re like the product.

The e-cigarette is operated by battery, and emits a vapor that resembles smoke, but is far less hazardous than second hand smoke would be to those around you. The heating element in it, which is an atomizer, uses vapor to process the liquid inside the cigarette, causing a delicious taste similar to menthol.

The vaporized substance inside is a smooth blend of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine, and other flavors, however, there is an e-cigarette that doesn’t have nicotine.


2x eGo eCig Batteries
2x Clearomiser
1x USB Charger
3x eLiquid
1x Neck Lanyard

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