Innokin iTaste SVD Kit

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Deftly engineered, stunning silver, it must be the Innokin iTaste SVD.

  • Long battery life for heavy smokers
  • iClear 30 triple wick clearomizer
  • Premium taste and flavour
  • 3ml eLiquid capacity
  • Ideal as a gift
  • Variable voltage
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Product Description

True Smoke Innokin iTaste SVD

True Smoke’s Innokin iTaste SVD kit is the perfect choice! This product is built with high end technology to create a smooth and lasting flavor that will give anybody an enjoyable smoke.

Premium Flavour

The flavors that are usable with this kit is a vast array ranging from a fruity bliss to an herbal oasis, and can please anybody’s sense of taste. The convenience of smoking an electronic cigarette range from a safer alternative for the smoker to a more harmless smoke that is pleasant, rather than an irritant to the environment and surrounding company.

Innovative Design

Find comfort in knowing a lot of the harmful and undesirable effects of cigarette smoking are not issues with the True Smoke’s innovative design. The smoke inhaled in a smooth, carcinogen free, and pleasant experience, and the smoke exhaled is also a carcinogen free smoke with a pleasant scent.

This product allows for an enjoyable high without any of the health concerns traditional cigarettes can cause, and will not be an irritant to the company of the smoker. It is a great option for smokers looking for a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, and a great option for those nonsmokers looking for a safe, smooth, and relaxing smoke.

Beautiful Taste & Smell

Another great feature to the True Smoke’s Innokin iTaste SVD kit is because the scents are pleasant scents, rather than the harsh and undesirable scent of tobacco, you can smoke indoors and not cause any damage to your furniture or vents.

In the winter months, when the wind chill seems to be straight from the artic, you do not have to go outside or roll down your car window for a smoke break, you can simply enjoy a pleasant, smooth smoke that leaves behind a pleasant and harmless scent without having to deal with the harsh weather.

Gentle Smoke

Give the True Smoke’s Innokin iTaste kit a try and see the true convenience of a gentle smoke with a pleasant flavor. It is a safer alternative to cigarettes for the smoker and the company of the smoker. Enjoy the convenience of being able to smoke indoors, with a more enjoyable smoke, and a safer alternative.

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