Innokin iTaste MVP Kit

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The ultimate flavour device the Innokin iTaste MVP is the ideal ecig kit for heavy smokers.

  • Long lasting battery (2 days+)
  • Pure flavour with the iClear 30
  • Variable voltage & wattage
  • LCD puff counter
  • 3ml capacity

Like to smoke? Then this variable voltage device makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

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Product Description

The Innokin iTaste MVP kit is the best kit you can get when you want to enjoy the e-cig experience. You are getting more than enough from this kit, and you will pay a fair price for this kit when you want to get started on e-cigs.

The Variety

The variety of flavors and options in this kit makes it very easy for you to get started on e-cigs. You will find that there is more than one cig you can smoke from, and there is more than one flavor you can choose from. The beautiful thing about this kit is the large number of choices that are afforded to you. You will notice that you can mix and match options until you find something that works for you.

As A Gift

This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to make sure they are giving an e-cig lover something nice. People who enjoy e-cigs will be able to take pleasure in all the flavors and options in the kit. They will get to find pure enjoyment in the kit while also having a brand new toy and flavors to play with.

The Power

The power and charger that comes with the kit will help you to make sure you will always be able to smoke. You get enough batteries and a powerful charger for the e-cig. You can keep the smoke puffing all the time, and you can charge easily regardless of where you are.

The Design

The design of these e-cig units is more like an mp3 player than a cigarette. This makes the e-cig easier to keep up with, but it is also a more hip option for the person who enjoys smoking. You will find that you are getting a kit that gives you the best base for your smoking, and it works well are a novel gift.

When you want to get into smoking e-cigs, you must start with a kit that will help you find the flavor and style you like. The Innokin iTaste MVP kit will start you on the right path the healthier smoking

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