EVOD Starter Kit

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The EVOD electronic cigarette starter kit is perfect for first time e-cigarette users or anyone with a desire for a top of the line product. With six vibrant colors to chose from, the EVOD electronic cigarette is sure to show off your individual style.

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Product Description

EVOD Starter Kit by True Smoke

Unlike other electronic cigarettes, the starter kit comes with your new electronic cigarette as well as a USB charger for convenient on the go charging.

The EVOD e-cigaratte VS Unbranded Versions

The EVOD electronic cigarette by True Smoke offers a long lasting smoking experience perfect for busy people. Just charge your e-cigarette once a day for long-lasting enjoyment, anytime of the day. There is no need to spend extravagant amounts of money a month for an e-cigarette that does’t quite deliver.

The premium battery pack offers recharging over and over again. The top of the line vaporizing chamber allows the a smooth draw from a variety of flavors.

The Electronic Cigarette VS The Traditional Cigarette

Can’t find a lighter or a match? That isn’t a problem! The electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke. This device converts liquid nicotine into a water-based mist for a smoke-free experience.

The EVOD electronic cigarette does not contain any harmful additives that are found in the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Does your cigarette smoking disturb others? The e-cigarettes does not have an odor or create a cloud of smoke. The water vapor dissipates immediately to keep non smoker comfortable.

Can you imagine never having to leave a room to smoke? The EVOD electronic cigarette by True Smoke is the most pleasant way to enjoy your smoking experience.

How Do I Start Vaping?

The EVOD electronic cigarette starter kit is where to begin! Unlike other electronic cigarette products, this device has the capability to use a variety of different e-liquids. Whatever you are in the mood for fruit, mint, drink, or tobacco flavored, this one device can use them all. So go ahead, customize your e-cigarette to fit your mood or your style.

There’s no wonder why the EVOD electronic cigarette by True Smoke has become so popular.

With this amazing offer, why not start today?

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