eGo Wall Charger

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The charger is so small that it can fit into any pocket, compartment or any other small space. The charger has a USB cable connected to it that may be detached. This makes the charger even smaller.

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Product Description

The Ego-Wall-charger is one of the best products invented towards electronic smoking. First off, the charger can be purchased for fewer than ten dollars and that included the shipping, too.

This charger can be used for any electronic cigarette and it charges cigarettes quick, too. This wall-charger does not use up much electricity and, more importantly, when not in use it can be taken out of the wall without a hassle.

There is no rocket science to this product like other wall-chargers; you plug the charger into the wall, the USB cord connects into the cigarette and away the charging starts. There are noticeable features depicting the cigarette is charging and noticeable features depicting the cigarette is charged.

Every individual that has ever used this product was more than satisfied. Furthermore, every review given on this product is positive. There may not be a wall-charger cheaper than the one discussed herein and there may not be a better wall-charger than the one discussed herein!

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