eGo Starter Kit

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The No1 eGo e cigarette starter kit.

1x eGo eCig Battery
1x Clearomiser
1x USB Charger
1x eLiquid

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Product Description

EGO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The e-cigarette is a great way to enjoy the pleasure of smoking without the bad health risks. These are a great starting point and are very well priced to give you a great option without breaking the bank

These have a long-life battery are easy to set up and last a good while. Simple to use the cartomizer and USB charger also keep the e-cigarette working for a long time to come.

The ecigs are well sealed and a full Cartomiser will hold roughly the equivalent of a packet of cigarettes depending on how hard you vape

So give these a try and kick the habit once and for all. My mum was a heavy smoker and now she uses these and she loves them.

The basics

The 5-click Mechanism:

The 5 click system stops them from being accidentally turned on in your pocket or hanbag.

You have to quickly press the button five times in order for it to turn on or off. This keeps the Ego vaping only when you want it and therefore preserving the battery life.

The Ego Cartomizer:

The cartomizer/atomizer used is clear plastic so you can see how much liquid you have left. There is very little maintenance with these and once the wick has come to the end of it`s life you simply change the whole plastic part

Things to Remember

Keep the cartomizer/atomiser filled with the correct amount of liquid to avoid burning the wick.

Charge the battery until the light on the charger turns green via the usb lead.

Do not leave these charging unattended.

The CE4 clearomizer is high quality, but it will wear down over use. This is completely normal as replacement will be necessary.

Do not to pour the liquid into the center as that is needed for air flow and will avoid blockages.

This kit includes:

1x eGo eCig Battery
1x Clearomiser
1x USB Charger
1x eLiquid

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