Double Apple eLiquid

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Double Apple e-liquid has the fresh tastes of a green and red apple in harmony.

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The double apple eLiquid is as good as any desert with its sweet-smelling and harmonious blend of red and green apples, tasting almost as good as your mom’s apple pie.

If you enjoy the experience of eating fresh apples, you can now enjoy those bursting flavours every time you vape away on your E-cigarette. A top quality Double apple e-liquid gives you double the taste and double the satisfaction.

The double apple e liquid contains no tar or tobacco and can still satisfy the toughest of smokers. With the fruity eliquid being manufactured and tested within the UK, it provides a more pleasant smoking alternative.

Double the amazingly sweet, crunchy and tangy tastes with the natural flavours provided by the double-apple e-liquid.

Great after any meal, especially when you want to indulge your sweet tooth. The fresh and pleasant taste of the double apple eLiquid blend is guaranteed too satisfy all your sugar cravings.

With the sweet taste of home-made apple pie, the double apple is more than your run of the mill eLiquid blend. Thanks to its wonderful taste and pleasant harmony, sellers just don’t have enough to keep their customers happy.


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