Apricot eLiquid

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Apricot fruit e-liquid is rich and deep, with a tasty apricot flavour.

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The apricot eLiquid tastes just as sweet and juicy as a real apricot. It is so similar that you may not be able to tell the difference from a real apricot.

If you can’t get enough of how an apricot tastes, you will love this Apricot e-liquid. Enjoy the sweet, thick and unique taste provided by apricots each time you vape away on your e-cigarette with the apricot flavoured eliquid.

Manufactured in the UK using some of the finest ingredients found throughout Europe, Our e liquid never disappoints and replicates your desired flavour perfectly.

Its tar and tobacco free making it a healthier and cheaper alternative to the regular packet of cigarettes and as an added bonus you can enjoy the taste of a fresh apricot each puff.

Enjoy the taste of this summery fruit while sitting out by the pool, on the golf course, or in the privacy of your own home.

If you enjoy apricots, then you will enjoy the new apricot eLiquid flavour as you puff on your new e-cigarette.


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