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The kit comes with everything a new vaper needs to try the product and use it for several weeks. The great thing about the G5 kits is that they are completely affordable for consumers who are on a tight budget but want to try a different smoking experience.

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Product Description

hoppers who are ready to make the transition from traditional smoking to vaporized smoking can try our G5 vaporizer kit. The kit is the perfect gift for a person who wants to take a trip into the world of vaping.

Those who buy a G5 kit today can start smoking immediately and tell their friends about how enlightening they found the experience.

The Ago G5 Ingredients

Many pieces come with the handsome G5 bundle. For one, a new customer will receive a multitude of items for an extremely low price. The kits come with everything one needs to smoke, clean and maintain his or her vaping mechanism.

The unit comes with a ceramic filter, rubber mouthpiece, spring, mesh filter, ceramic heating chamber, chamber connector, power button, rechargeable battery, and LCD display. Buyers will also have access to a wall adaptor, USB charger, cleaning brush and packing device.

The rechargeable battery allows consumers to extend the life of their units for an extended period.

The USB charger allows a person to charge his or her device while that person is performing work or browsing the internet. Alternatively, the person can use the wall charger and let the vaporizer charge over night during sleeping hours. The cleaning brush is an excellent accessory because it helps keep the unit clean and tidy.

Benefits of the G5

Many benefits come along with purchasing this bundled vaping product. The main benefit is the savings. The cost of the complete vaping kit is much less than the cost of traditional cigarettes.

A smoker who has a G5 unit will also have a level of discretion, as the device resembles a writing pen. The design is very stylish, and no one has to know that the person is vaping.

Users can take their G5 units with them to restaurants, shopping malls, and even work offices without anyone being the wiser about it being a vaporizer. Freedom and discretion are important when it comes to consumer products. Interested persons can try this amazingly affordable package today and thank the manufacturer tomorrow.

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