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We Vape Ourselves

We are vapours so we try all our liquids to make sure they are the best quality on the market and give a nice throat hit without being too harsh

Are all kits equal ?

Our starter kits are just that and are a great way to get you on a healthier lifestyle without the Tobacco.

Most people start with starter kits and then move on to better kits like the mvp`s

All of our e-Liquids are made in the UK and are fully CHIP compliant, we ensure that all labelling, ingredients and toxicity are labelled clearly for your information. We source our e-Juice from the top UK suppliers and accompany them with some of the best deals on e-Cigarette batteries ever. You won’t get these kind of deals in your local vape shop.

Traditional tobacco products (cigarettes) are smelly and harmful our electronic cigarette starter kits produce no harmful chemicals and are allowed in places that traditional cigarettes are not.

Live a life free from high prices, foul tastes and smoke infested clothes. Become smoke free and start vaping! and products sold on here are intended for those older than 18. If you wish to quit smoking we recommend you visit your local pharmacy or make an appointment with your GP.


We all know smoking is a bad habit, is here to introduce vaping – the TAR free lifestyle that still allows you to kick back and get your nicotine fix. We offer a range of e-cig starter kits, available from just £17.99.

Not only that but we have a wonderful selection of eLiquids that cover everything from the normal tobacco and menthol tastes in addition to hundreds of fruit and sweet flavours. New for 2016 we also have a range of cannabis liquids.

What kind of eCigarette starter kits do you have?

We like to offer a range of devices that cater to every need, whether it’s for someone who smokes only occasionally or heavy smokers who need a device that will last throughout the day. Here are are our recommendations:

Occasional / social smokers:

Our eGo starter kit is a great introduction, with enough battery life to last for a full day and a 1.6ml capacity this ecig starter kit would be ideally suited to an occasional smoker, upgrade to the premium version and get double the battery life for only £5 more!

Light-medium smokers

You may need a little extra battery life in your electronic cigarette starter kit, we recommend you try our premium kit or e Liquid kit, both of these offer a range of flavours to try in addition to replacement batteries should you ever need them. Both of these kits are perfectly suited for the novice vaper, although if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck then the EVOD starter kit is a great place to start too.

Heavy smokers/vapers

Our EVOD starter kit or the Innokin iTaste MVP is what we would recommend to heavy smokers, the variable voltage devices allow you to get your vape just perfect and the battery life is outstanding. Heavy smokers on a budget could also buy a couple of our EGO starter kits and switch the battery throughout the day.

Our eLiquids

We source our flavoursome eliquids from a UK supplier (blueStar) to ensure only the highest quality ingredients, they are available in various nicotine strengths and can be purchased for only £4.99. We also have Multi Pack deals for heavy smokers or potential resellers. Try out our fantastic new fruit & drink flavor eliquids today and get FREE delivery.

Atomisers/Cartomisers: The basic setup is usually a plastic one. For the ultimate flavour you should upgrade to a glass atomiser, this will improve the flavour. Our recommended one is definitely anything by Kangertech.

The battery: An alternating voltage battery is best, it allows you to adjust the strength and throat hit of the e-Liquid by adjusting the temperature at which it burns. If you’re a heavy vaper you want a larger battery otherwise you will be stuck charging 2-3 batteries just to get you through the day.

The best e-Liquids The most important part! Choose your strength and get the flavour right and it makes a whole load of difference. A great flavour is all it takes to choose vaping over smoking. We really like the fruity e-liquids but many prefer tobacco eliquids, we have some of the best rated e Liquids in the UK, you’re certain to love our flavour profiles